Online Professional Talk on Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics

Mr. TSOUGENIS Efstratios was invited to deliver a professional talk to our students on 9 March 2021. With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning (Ph.D.(DUTH) & Post-Doc (HKUST)) and more than half of them in Asian A.I. Market, Efstratios, a full stack A.I. Manager, Researcher & Honorary Lecturer (HKU Medicine School), currently serves as Manager at Artificial Intelligence Lab & Data Collaboration Lab of Hong Kong Hospital Authority. In the past served as Director for Deep Learning Medical Imaging Diagnostics company, Imsight Medical, which has been established as one of the top Healthcare A.I. companies in China. In addition, he served as Team leader & A.I. Consultant for multiple A.I. teams in the private and government sector.

Diagnostics powered by A.I. has become one of the most anticipated technologies in the healthcare 2.0 era that will lead to a medical services revamp. In the meantime, the number of healthcare-related machine learning models and publications is scaling exponentially during the last years. However, does an accurate model constitute an acceptable clinical solution? Within the talk, different A.I. novel technologies are examined, while the issue of validating clinical solutions beyond accuracy is tackled. Students gained a new vision for A.I. solutions and its emerging application in healthcare.