Online Professional Talk on the Application of AI in Business

Following the success of the last professional talk, Mr. Stanley CHAN, co-founder and CEO of Farseer, was invited to deliver another session to our students on April 22, 2021.  Students were empowered with knowledge in FinTech and developed a better understanding of AI’s role in digital transformation for financial services.

Farseer is an award-winning (Big Data/A.I. champions for “2018 HKX”, “2018 HKTDC Startup Express” & “2018 B4B Challenge”) proprietary big data/A.I. cloud that combines text analytics & search technology to extract real-time financial related intelligence according to clients’ criteria & output/alerts format, with user-defined sentimental weightings, with 24/7 web & apps access, to significantly reduce, digitize & automate research effort. Regarding Data/A.I. technology cooperation, the company has been working along include Caixin, the HK Trade Development Council, and the Tsinghua University etc. In addition, Farseer is also the 1st Asia-focused FinTech startup got admitted to the Alibaba Sensetime “HK AI Lab” at The HKSTP & the 1st HK team got admitted to the Tsinghua PBCSF (清华五道⼝) Global Entrepreneurship Program.  Before establishing Farseer, Stanley founded & sold a cash equity brokerage platform primarily focused to deliver timely, bespoke & relevant on-the-ground HK/China stocks intelligence to the hedge funds universe. Previously an equity analyst & private banker with Citigroup & UBS respectively, Stanley accumulated rich Greater China sector know-how from across primarily the consumer, TMT & automobile industries & have close connections with technology development across China & the US.