Online Professional Talk on Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics

Mr. TSOUGENIS Efstratios was invited to deliver a professional talk to our students on 9 March 2021. With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning (Ph.D.(DUTH) & Post-Doc (HKUST)) and more than half of them in Asian A.I. Market, Efstratios, a full stack A.I. Manager, Researcher & Honorary Lecturer (HKU Medicine School), currently serves as Manager at Artificial Intelligence Lab & Data Collaboration Lab of Hong Kong Hospital Authority. In the past served as Director for Deep Learning Medical Imaging Diagnostics company, Imsight Medical, which has been established as one of the top Healthcare A.I. companies in China. In addition, he served as Team leader & A.I. Consultant for multiple A.I. teams in the private and government sector.

Diagnostics powered by A.I. has become one of the most anticipated technologies in the healthcare 2.0 era that will lead to a medical services revamp. In the meantime, the number of healthcare-related machine learning models and publications is scaling exponentially during the last years. However, does an accurate model constitute an acceptable clinical solution? Within the talk, different A.I. novel technologies are examined, while the issue of validating clinical solutions beyond accuracy is tackled. Students gained a new vision for A.I. solutions and its emerging application in healthcare.

Online Professional Talk on Data Analysis for Manpower Survey of VTC & Big Data

Mr Joe NG, I.T. Officer of Vocational Training Council (VTC), was invited to deliver a professional talk to our students on 8 March, 2021.

VTC assesses the manpower demand for 24 major industry sectors covering more than 80% of the Hong Kong working population. The manpower dynamics of each of the 24 industries in Hong Kong is analysed through a manpower survey and manpower update in a 4-year cycle. The manpower survey is a quantitative survey conducted with relevant companies once every 4 years to collect information of employees count, income, education, etc. The manpower update is conducted twice in the 4-year cycle through a focus group meeting with industry representatives and data analytics of major recruitment platforms. The information obtained from both manpower survey and manpower update aims to facilitate the Government and different stakeholders of industries to formulate manpower and training plan.

The talk provided students with hands-on experience regarding data collection, data management, data cleaning, and analytics for manpower survey for 25 Industries in Hong Kong for VTC (Industry Partnership of Vocational Training Council). The technologies and software used in traditional database systems, big data, business intelligence, and machine learning were also introduced to improve students’ understanding of business data analysis. Additionally, Mr Joe shared his personal learning experience when discussing the career path of a data scientist, which impressed the students deeply.

Online Professional Talk on the Linkage between Technology & ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Mr Stanley CHAN, the co-founder & CEO of Farseer, was invited to deliver a professional talk to our students on 2 March 2021.  Students gained a deeper understanding of the role of ESG during the COVID-19 crisis and found the talk informative.  Apart from practical experience sharing, Stanley offered internship opportunities for our students to explore career path.

Farseer is an award-winning (Big Data/A.I. champions for “2018 HKX”, “2018 HKTDC Startup Express” & “2018 B4B Challenge”) proprietary big data/A.I. cloud that combines text analytics & search technology to extract real-time financial related intelligence according to clients’ criteria & output/alerts format, with user-defined sentimental weightings, with 24/7 web & apps access, to significantly reduce, digitize & automate research effort. Regarding Data/A.I. technology cooperation, the company has been working along include Caixin, the HK Trade Development Council, and the Tsinghua University etc. In addition, Farseer is also the 1st Asia-focused FinTech startup got admitted to the Alibaba Sensetime “HK AI Lab” at The HKSTP & the 1st HK team got admitted to the Tsinghua PBCSF (清华五道⼝) Global Entrepreneurship Program.  Before establishing Farseer, Stanley founded & sold a cash equity brokerage platform primarily focused to deliver timely, bespoke & relevant on-the-ground HK/China stocks intelligence to the hedge funds universe. Previously an equity analyst & private banker with Citigroup & UBS respectively, Stanley accumulated rich Greater China sector know-how from across primarily the consumer, TMT & automobile industries & have close connections with technology development across China & the US.

Online Professional Talk on Reimagine Supply Chain

Mr. Andrew Ling, Director of Value Advisory of SAP HK, was invited to deliver an online professional talk to our CDS students on 23 November.

Before joining SAP, Andrew had 29 years of IT experience in Garment Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Warehouse & Logistic. Formerly, Andrew served at CIO role for more than 16 years in High Fashion Group, Esquel Group, Bossini Group and at senior IT role in Prada, Marks and Spencer, Netstar Group (a subsidiary of Baring Asia Private Equity). He is the advisor to management board of Opencerthub and the Executive Member of IoT Advisory Board in GS1. He has been long years as the Assessor of Hong Kong ICT Awards in various categories such as IoT, smart mobility, smart transportation, and smart tourism.

Through the insightful sharing by Andrew, our students gained a deeper understanding of the new challenges for supply chain, such as Covid-19, medical and consumer shortage, distribution disruption, and trade war.  Key elements for new supply chain and the relevant digital solutions were introduced to students.  Students found the sharing informative and practical.

Online Professional Talk: A Comparative Analysis of Multi-App Developers in Mobile App Store

Chee-Wee Tan is a Professor at the Department of Digitalization in Copenhagen BusinessSchool (CBS), an Honorary Professor of Business Analytics and Digitalization at the Nottingham University BusinessS&lool China in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), a Distinguished Research Smolar at the· Farulty of Business in Lingnan Uni-ersitv (LU).

Given the exponential growth in new product launches and updates on open innovation platforms today, developers have to carefully formulate their product proliferation strategies for enhancing the visibility of and accessibility to their product in order to differentiate from rivals. Yet, there is a dearth of research that examines how such strategies play out for information products and their impact on developers.

To this end, we synthesize extant literature on ulfom1ation goods and product proliferation strategy to advance a theory of evolutionary information product proliferation strategy that delineates developer strategies into product development, product launch, and version upgrade to assess the competitive dynamics between developers and their rivals in innovation ecosystems. Distinguishing among competitive ratings and downloads as definitive outcomes of product proliferation, we discover that developers’ enactn1ent of product proliferation strategies relative to their rivals have an impact on the former’ s competitive ratings and downloads.

Online Professional Talk on eCommerce Strategy & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mr Ivan So, a digital consultant of HDcourse and founder and director of Zizsoft Limited was invited to deliver an online professional talk to our students on 15 April.

With extensive experience in the e-business, particularly in SEO and WordPress, Ivan runs 2 e-shops and has built over 50+ sites to test SEO.  He devotes himself to building over 350+ WordPress & WooCommerce sites.  His books are well-received by readers which hit the Amazon e-book best-seller list for 5 times.

Our students gained practical experience via the talk and were grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Ivan.

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