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Visit to Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR)

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) provided students with a rare chance to experience world-class AI and robotics technologies first-hand on 13 May 2023.

An exhibition featuring the latest topics such as AI Art Showcase, Pedestrian Multi-Feature Recognition, Multi-modal Intelligent Surgical Operation Guidance and Instrument Segmentation, Multi-modal Smart Operating Theatre, Flexible Endoscopic Robotic System for Neurosurgery, Real-time Simulation Platform for Neurosurgery, and Flexible Minimally Invasive Surgery Robot was introduced.

Two science talks on “Playing Chess and Its Computational Game Theory” and “The Past and Present of Robotic Surgical Systems” were delivered by the Assistant Professors of CAIR, Dr ZHANG Youzhi and Dr HU Jian, respectively.

Students gained valuable exposure to technologies including flexible minimally invasive surgery robots that will shape the future.

Visit to ASMPT

Our students had the opportunity to visit ASMPT for an educational tour on 14 April 2023. The tour aims to foster students’ growth as future leaders as well as equip them with a deeper understanding of technology and industry practices.

Mr. Peter Ng, Vice President of Enabling Technology Group (ETG) of ASMPT, and Mr. Kenneth Fung, Director of Vision Group of ETG of ASMPT, as leaders in the high-tech manufacturing field generously took the time to share their knowledge and industry experience with our students.

The professionals who guided students through demonstrations of equipment were excellent at explaining the development, applications, and future possibilities of the technologies.

The visit proved to be a rewarding and memorable experience for our students, broadening their horizons and igniting their passion for science and innovation.

Professional Talk on Location Intelligence Powered by GIS and Spatial Data Analytics

Sr. Paul Tsui, Chief Executive Officer of Esri China (Hong Kong), delivered an insightful talk on how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) powers location intelligence through spatial data analytics on 14 March 2023.  

He discussed case studies showing how integrating spatial data of various types and applying spatial statistics and artificial intelligence on GIS helps discover spatial patterns and make predictions.  Students found the talk highly enlightening and gained a new appreciation of the importance of spatial thinking and geospatial technology in an increasingly data-driven world.

Visit to Geospatial Lab

Students were invited to visit the Geospatial Lab (GeoLab) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department on 7 March 2023.  The visit aimed to introduce students to geospatial technology and its applications.

The visit started with an introduction to GeoLab and an overview of spatial data and Geographic Information System (GIS).  Students then participated in a hands-on workshop using GIS to solve real-world problems.  

The visit was an eye-opening experience for students which inspired them to pursue studies in geospatial science and technology.

Job Hunting Skills Workshop – Effective Job Interview Skills

A workshop was organised to equip students with job-search skills in the field of data science.  Mr. Allan Lee, a certified management consultant and psychoanalyst, was invited to conduct the workshop which explored tips and strategies for how to have a successful job interview. 

During the workshop, students learnt how to tailor a self-introduction which made them shine by focusing on their strengths, skills, and competencies and how they relate to potential employers’ needs.

Students actively participated in mock interviews to learn how to present themselves confidently as well as to build impromptu speaking abilities and create a professional image.  Students found the workshop boost their readiness with advanced interview techniques.

Professional Talk on Outlook of I &T in Customs, HKSAR

A professional talk about the Outlook of I &T in Customs was jointly hosted by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences on 9 January 2023. 

Prof WONG Man Leung, Head of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, presented a souvenir to the guest speaker, Mr LI Kin Kei, Head of Office of Information and Technology of the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.


As the Head of Office of Information Technology in Customs, he takes charge of not only the maintenance and development of enterprise-scale IT infrastructure and systems, but also steering the application of disruptive technologies including AI, video analytics, RPA, blockchain, cloud computing and big data, etc.


Students actively participated in the Q&A session and explored opportunities for internships at the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. Students found the talk very informative, which provided them with a better understanding of the potential opportunities and required skills for a career in this field./f/upload/78860/DSC03735.jpg

Seminar in commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Census and Statistics Department and the 45th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Statistical Society

The year 2022 marks the 55th Anniversary of the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and the 45th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Statistical Society.  In commemoration of this meaningful moment of the local statistical community, the two organisations jointly organised a seminar on 11 November 2022, and extended the invitation to our students.

The theme of the seminar is “Perspectives on Uncertainty and Error of Statistics”, with three presentations respectively by Professor Ian MCKEAGUE of City University of Hong Kong, Professor Tarani CHANDOLA of The University of Hong Kong and young professional staff of the Census and Statistics Department. It gave students intensive exposure to the topic through presentations and discussions led by multiple experts.

Open Day of Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 Hong Kong SAR

Huawei ICT Competition is a competitive ICT talent exchange event developed by Huawei for global college students to cultivate talents to drive the future of digital transformation, promote the efficient mapping of talent supply and demand, and develop a sound talent ecosystem.  Our students were invited to participate in the Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 and attend the Open Day on 22 October 2022.

Students considered the Open Day kick-starting the journey of exploration, covering the latest ICT technologies and products, as well as emerging industry trends.  Students found the sharing from the representative of the first-prize winner team in the Huawei ICT Competition 2021-2022 insightful and informative.

Students joined a tour to the Inno Space, where students learnt about the concept of translating innovative ideas into industrial designs, prototypes and products.

Welcome Class of 2022

44 freshmen students won the competition to earn a seat in the 2022 intake at the MScAIBA Programme.  The class of 2022 is comprised of students with different talents, interests and backgrounds.  

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Prior to commencing studies, an orientation session was held on 1 September 2022 to let our professors meet our students as well as to provide students with a general introduction to the MScAIBA programme.  Students became more familiar with the academic regulations, in particular the progression and graduation requirements.  The orientation was followed by a Library Orientation Workshop and Tour, which highlighted the services, resources and facilities provided by the Library.  Through participating in these activities, students were better prepared for the new challenges ahead.

Professional Sharing on the Newly Developed Applications by Local Businesses and Its User Experience

Prof. SEE-TO Wing Kuen Eric, Programme Coordinator of the MScAIBA Programme, was invited by the Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum (HKPKIF) to deliver a professional sharing on the “Newly Developed Applications by Local Businesses and Its User Experience” at ICT Expo 2021 on 28 October 2021. He shared the possible uses of digital certificates in the education sector and the participants found it informative and inspiring.

In addition to Eric’s sharing, Mr. William GEE, PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong Partner and Vice-Chair of Asia PKI Consortium, Ms. Winkie SHUEN, Chief Operation Officer Carelink Bioscience Limited, and Mr. HO Sing-man, General Manager of Certizen Limited, also delivered sharing on “How Decentralised Data Management Technology can be used in Local Business and Global Expansion” in different domains.  Our students developed a better understanding of blockchain technology and its applications in different industries.